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Snap Power Switches
& Outlet Lights

Snap Power Switches & Outlet Lights

No wires, no batteries, no electrician required – simple outlet cover installs in seconds! Classy, premium night lights built into your outlet & switch covers. Perfect for any room! 

Many styles to choose from:

GuideLight 2 is your solution for attractive pathway and accent lighting, when and where you need it. With an automatic on/off sensor, this outlet cover plate with built-in LED lights is activated at night and turns off to save energy in the morning. The LED light bar lasts up to 25-years, so you can forget about the constant rotation of unsightly, misplaced, and broken night lights.

GuideLight 2 is perfect for hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and more. It includes all the features of the GuideLight 2, but now with a switch to choose between bright, dim, and off settings, and is also available for GFCI outlets.

3 Styles Available

Please note: Only the GFCI style is designed to work with GFCI outlets (with the Test and Reset buttons).

The GuideLight 2 by SnapPower is the easiest and most affordable way to add pathway and accent lighting throughout your home. Simply remove your existing outlet cover plate and snap the GuideLight in it’s place. The built-in LED bar creates a clean, modern lighting solution without taking up an outlet and requires no batteries, wires or professional installation.

Powered by out patented prong technology and controlled by a photocell sensor, the lights are activated automatically when the room gets dark.

2 Styles Available

The SwitchLight takes SnapPower’s patented prong technology and moves it up the wall to your light switch cover plates. Installation takes only seconds: simply remove the existing cover plate and snap on a SwitchLight plate. The integrated LED bar will automatically illuminate when the room gets dark, and features a toggle switch that has a Bright, Dim and off setting.

The SwitchLight adds gentle ambient lighting to your space, makes it effortless tot locate your light switches in the dark and creates attractive accent lighting on countertops, sinks and more.

2 Styles Available

As the name suggests, the MotionLight is a motion-activated variation in SnapPower’s family of illuminated outlet cover plates. Just like the GuideLight it installs in seconds, without the need for professional installation, hard-wiring or batteries.

The MotionLight is ideal for locations where you may not want the accent lights on all night, such as bedrooms, bathrooms or utility rooms. The MotionLight get triggered when it senses movement within about 30 feet, has a brightness control switch (Bright, Dim or Off) and a time control switch (for 15 Seconds, 1 minute or 3 minute lighting intervals.)

2 Styles Available

Please note: Only the GFCI style is designed to work with GFCI outlets (with the Test and Reset buttons).