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Slushy Cup

Outdoor Fan Misting Kit

Slushy Cup

Create your own juice, milk or cola slushy or smoothie with this new and colourful slushy cup. Freeze, Squeeze, Enjoy!


  • Four colours to choose from: Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink
  • Holds 11.83 oz
  • 8.1″ tall, 4.2″ width
  • Clear plastic cup, PP material, safe & odorless
  • All-in-one detachable spoon and straw
  • Inner bladder adopt food grade EA material
  • Food grade soft silicone that returns to original shape after squeezing

3 Easy Steps to Make Your Smoothies!

  1. Freeze the smoothie cups in the freezer compartment for 4-6 hrs
  2. Pour any drink you like (ie. Juice, Milk, Cola etc)
  3. Squeeze the cup for 1-2 minutes to get a delicious smoothie