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Walabot DIY 2 – now with WIFI

Renovating will never be the same.

Walabot is a window into your walls, showing you what’s hidden from view. Whether you’re a contractor or a weekend DIYer, your toolbox isn’t complete without Walabot DIY.

Just attach it to your phone… and see into your walls!

  • NEW: Fully compatible with iOS and Android phones*
  • NEW: Extended reach: Wi-Fi connectivity – work away from your phone
  • NEW: Built-in rechargeable battery – won’t drain your phone
  • NEW: Enhanced product casing with smooth scanning strips
  • Locates studs, stud centers, pipes, wires & pests
  • Perfect for scanning drywall
  • Detects objects up to 4 inches / 10 centimeters deep
  • 2 scanning modes – Images and Expert

Comes with USB Type C charging cable

*Compatible with iPhone 7 and above & Android OS 9.0 and above

Watch the Walabot DIY2 in Action:


Download and print your own copy of the flyer. Have it on hand when you need to easily reference information about the device.

How to Videos *The first two videos are for iOS & Android

Videos 1 & 2 – Set up your Walabot on iOS or Android

Just follow these 4 quick steps:

  1. Install the app.
  2. Turn on the Walabot.
  3. Pair your phone with the Walabot.
  4. Start seeing into your walls.

Video 3 – How to calibrate your Walabot

  1. Place the flat side of the Walabot firmly against drywall.
  2. Press ‘Calibrate’ (while holding the Walabot on the wall).
  3. Press ‘Start calibration’ and move the Walabot in wide circular motions.
  4. Remember to repeat this process if you start work on another wall.

Video 4 – Find studs and stud centers

  1. Calibrate before searching for studs in drywall.
  2. Select Images Mode, and move the Walabot over the wall. When it finds a stud you’ll see a graphical representation on your phone.
  3. To find the stud center, move the Walabot slowly over the stud. A Stud Center Indication will be shown when you’re right over the center.